TONI COSTA - sculptor

Toni Costa

I was born in 1965 in Verona, Italy. In the mid-90s I started giving shape to my creativity through wood. I often wonder why I carve, the reason of all this effort, the dust, the hard work when bringing home huge and heavy trunks. I can't give a clear answer. I like letting my mind free, where visions are so fast that it is impossibile to fix them all. More than one life would be necessary to give shape to what goes through my head. I love but at the same time I am afraid of that visceral uncertainty that accompanies me during the first steps of my work when I start to take out the subject from the raw material, when I move from intuition to action.Some of my sculptures were born out of the need to give a new life to these living beings which were cut down for some more or less sharable reason. When I see the cutting of the trunks I always feel a deep pain. This pain turns into images that later need to be shaped. Sometimes when I came back from long-distance trips, full of deep emotions that needed to be somehow expressed... at different times I am inspired by my search for harmonious forms. I have never looked for a special kind of wood to give a shape to my ideas and for no reason ever I could cut a living tree. I only use the wood that I occasionally get from friends or acquaintances.